Instructions Season 1

  1. There will be a total of 12 puzzles.
  2. Look for clickable areas in the page.
  3. You may find some clues in the page title or source code of the page. What is page title and source code?
  4. At many levels, you'll need to search on Google.


  1. At some levels, you'll need to change a part of the URL address.
  2. Answers are not case sensitive, i.e. "level" or "LEVEL" is same.
  3. You'll also find some audio puzzles. Have your speakers turned on!
  4. You may use the discussion forum to discuss puzzles with administrators or other participants. Comments in the discussion forum should not lead to a direct answer to the puzzle and spoil it.
  5. At the end of all the puzzles, you'll be asked to submit your entry.
  6. In this season of tea break, we do not save your progress. There can be a case when you want to quit and return. In such cases, you may find it difficult to get to the last puzzle you were playing. Keep bookmarking the levels as you proceed. How to bookmark the last puzzle you were playing?
  7. Click the Play Now link below to start solving puzzles.

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